About us

Disrruptia Consultores
We are a work group composed of professionals specialized in evaluation of central strategies, management and implementation of business innovation, digital adjustment including enabling technologies for Business Transformation, human talent and digital marketing.
We offer our clients effective tools, according to their needs and capabilities, with support in the co-creation of new business perspectives, in order to always seek a balance between the success of your organization and the personal and productive growth of human talent that integrates it
We are passionate about what we do and we are certain that human talent is the fundamental pillar for the success of your organization, which implies a high commitment and competence of business leadership to guide in environments of continuous uncertainty.

Our history

We have consolidated a methodology based on the experiences lived in the private and public company where at some point we work and create this Consultant company that seeks to be a differentiating element for the entire region in the areas of innovation and digital transformation.
”There is only one Chief: The Client. and he can fire all the people in the company, from the president to the one below, simply spending his money elsewhere. ”- Sam Walton