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DISRRUPTIA Consultores announces the launch of its operation in America, where we aim to support companies, with innovative, scalable and replicable business models, which are in a phase of growth and consolidation of their business. The objective is to impact the economic and social development of the region, transforming entrepreneurs into impact entrepreneurs, who think big and multiply their success in the new generations of entrepreneurs.
The methodology we offer will contribute to the strengthening of business development. The DISRRUPTIA model focuses on identifying the pain points of companies and driving improvements through knowledge and application of technologies. In this sense we work with companies with a high growth potential, select them and provide them with a portfolio of tailored services oriented in three pillars:
1) Make them think big.
2) Help them make the best decisions for their businesses.
3) Encourage them to inspire and replicate their success in the ecosystem.

The only way out of a closed box is to invent the way out - Jeff Bezos

We offer free Innovation courses

During the last century, the world has been at the forefront of technological innovation and mastery of technical capabilities to drive innovation. Today, to face the challenges and opportunities of the era of greatest transformation in the history of mankind, at DISRRUPTIA Consultores we are aware that organizations increasingly need the combination of that technical excellence with great interpersonal and leadership skills. It is necessary to create a culture of momentum for change, global vision of projects and the ability to inspire and motivate people to emerge reinforced from this environment of constant innovation.
DISRRUPTIA Consultores has created the online Innovation program, which merges the development of leadership skills with the vision necessary to face the innovation processes of organizations.
Our organization was born to serve, basing our work on the search for success, approach us and know our services.
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