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We promote Innovation and accelerate the Digital Transformation of organizations and businesses, guiding them in their process from six areas of action: Innovation, Strategy, Emerging Technologies, Human Talent, Digital Marketing, Intellectual Property

Innovation is used to associate with the idea of progress and search for new methods, based on the knowledge that precedes it, in order to improve something that already exists, to solve a problem or facilitate an activity.


Innovate for change!

We support organizations, so that they manage to implement innovation management that allows them to achieve their strategic objectives, revitalize their organizational culture and improve their value propositions

The direction in which a company needs to move forward to fulfill its mission. This definition sees strategy as an essentially intuitive process.


Strategy requires intelligence, observation tactics ..

The strategy of a company is defined as the means through which a company defines its objectives, adapting to a changing environment, with the aim of obtaining a competitive advantage.

Emerging technologies are an opportunity for organizations to develop new connected solutions.

Emerging technologies

Technology is the engine of change today.

Emerging technologies can also be defined Scientific innovations that can create a new industry or transform an existing one.

In the Digital Age it is prudent to dare

Digital Marketing

If you are really relevant to the audience, they will pay attention to you

We create and optimize your e-commerce. We make your digital sales your priority, increasing traffic in the right audiences and implementing systems that generate greater ROI to your business by applying the latest Marketing Automation and Machine Learning technologies.

When winds of change blow, some build walls. Others, mills.

Human talent

The only way to do a great job is to do it with passion

In DISRRUPTIA Consultores we create unique solutions to achieve the strategic objectives of your business through your human talent, reflecting its uniqueness and creating a sustainable differentiating value.

Intellectual property is the set of rights linked to creations that are the result of human intelligence. It covers Copyright and Industrial Property (patents, brands, designs ...)

Intellectual property

Do not copy, you must be original

Intellectual property can be the main asset within the assets of your company, whose value is determined by the proper protection and administration of them. We provide advice, considering the existence and interaction of all figures of Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Digital Training

Access a complete training program to apply innovation in your ideas and projects.

You have a challenge like the ones we suggest below:

Do you need to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Are you going to launch new products or services?

Are you going to adapt your company to the digital economy and do not know what guidelines you should follow?

Do you want to innovate in your portfolio of products or services optimizing resources?

Do you intend to redesign and transform your business model and look for new alternatives for expansion and growth?

Do you need to expand the skills and abilities in creativity and innovation of your team?

If you are in some of these assumptions, I believe that the offer I have prepared can help you solve the challenge that lies ahead.

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Learn about the proposal that DISRRUPTIA Consultores has developed for ENTREPRENEURS, from a practical perspective, based on our experience for more than 20 years in this wonderful world.

We do not give you magic recipes, we invite you to BELIEVE, CREATE and GROW. It is you, along with your work, creativity and commitment, supported by effective processes and valid strategies, and with realistic and winning value proposals who will make your venture grow, orienting your results to the benefit of the people around you, creating a world best.

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We believe that the human being is the most valuable capital of an organization. It is an inexhaustible, infinite and unlimited source of values, virtues and talents that can be developed and committed to convert an organization into an invincible entity. We want you and your team to be what they have always been: The best.

Innovative ideas are generated through game dynamics and exploration WAKEUp Brain and work in leadership for decision making in Digital Transformation and Innovation. Research has shown a direct connection between the hands and the emotional area of ​​the mind. Imagine, build and play.

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