Digital transformation is not a problem, but the solution to problems. The world today is not the same as ten years ago. Gone is the era where large oil companies dominated the world ranking of the most valuable companies. The power has gone from the ``magnates`` of oil to the ``geeks`` of Silicon Valley, where the top 4 are held by technology companies such as: Apple, Alphabet (with its best known brand Google), Microsoft and Amazon, as established Fortune 500 Magazine. It is not that the world is changing and that we are in the midst of a “digital revolution” - the world has already been transformed!

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Strategy and innovation can help consolidate a company and contribute to its success. In an increasingly turbulent, global and competitive environment (VUCA), it is no longer enough to have a good idea, capitalize on a market opportunity and try to maximize short-term benefits. Opportunistic businesses have become enduring organizations, well structured with an orientation and meaning, beyond generating short-term economic benefits to their owners.

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In each organization, the main challenge for those interested in promoting an innovation agenda is to work with people who resist. This is not only true for leaders - when they have to get acceptance from their executives and boards, but also employees. It is always easier to fight a rational enemy, but many times the illusion inhibits rationality. If you do not offer anything different that surprises emotionally or that is exceptional from the functional side, ``you are destined to die,`` or more subtly cease to be relevant. The ``executioners of innovation`` have a well-intentioned corporate army behind them, always ready to defend their territory and keep innovation at bay, so that the status quo is not changed.

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